Colmans of South Shields ensures Environmental considerations are an integral part of company policy. The Company and its Directors are committed to continual improvement of an environmentally friendly business policy.

In terms of environmental issues, Colmans considers and acts on global green points that include: energy efficiency, waste recycling and emissions, but also on the direct working environment of its employees, which we want to be safe, comfortable and welcoming.

At Colmans we have developed our specialist knowledge and expertise during over 80 years of producing our finest Fish and Seafoods and we are constantly looking to exceed best practice on environmental issues.

We only use fish that comes from sustainable and well managed fishing grounds, and when available has MSC certification in line with our fish procurement policy.

Recycling – wood, plastic, foil, paper, cardboard, cling film, metal, steel tins, drink cans and light bulbs. Compliance with environmental legislation. Encouraging awareness of environmental issues amongst its workforce. Using goods, water and energy efficiently. Recycling of used oils into bio-fuels. Taking environmental issues into consideration when designing new business strategies, products, packaging, equipment and buildings e.g. All of Colmans packaging is fully bio-degradable. Enlisting support from suppliers on environmental issues. Sourcing products locally wherever feasible and using Fair Trade products. Efficient use of up-to-date energy efficient equipment. Producing our energy through PV cells.